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For AIX iostat is the basic tool to monitor the hdisk driver queues. The iostat -D command generates output such as: hdisk6 xfer: %tm_act bps tps bread. Should you use standard monitoring commands such as vmstat and iostat? These commands produce many lines of text and require manual eyeballing or specially. Previously we talked about using iostat to monitor local storage on your server as well as other *nix-based operating systems (e.g., Solaris and AIX).

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Friends, I have to run iostat -d on my AIX machine and print the sum of the output in tps column per iteration. can any one pls guide me how to do this. Audience: AIX Users and Administrators. Date: January The Unix iostat command lists CPU, Disk, TTY and other system performance data. NMONVisualizer can process IOStat files from both AIX and Linux if the correct command line switches must be used. Linux. Must use the -t option to include.

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Plugin shows IO consumption on your certain AIX server for defined list of disks. IOSTAT_PERF=`/usr/bin/iostat -d $HDISK 1 1| grep hdisk| awk '{print. iostat -e gives the soft, hard and transport error information in Solaris. What is the equivalent command in the other flavors of Unix AIX HP Linux. B Monitoring Commands for AIX ; entstat. Get Network Packets, Bytes Send/Received ; mpstat. Get Percentage processor time ; iostat. Get Disk transfer per.