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Human resources, accounting etc. are support activities, and marketing, sales etc. are primary activities. Functional systems, on the other hand, are systems. Operational processes. Also called primary processes, these processes deal with the core business and value chain and deliver value to the customer by helping. A business process is a collection of business tasks and activities that when performed by people or systems in a structured course, produces an outcome.

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Some of the Core Business Processes Are: · Human Resource Management: Managing, and optimizing employee's welfare, motivation and productivity · Accounting &. 1. Core Processes: How You Deliver Value · 2. Support Processes: Making Value Delivery Possible · 3. Management Processes. Operational Process - Primary Processes To find your operational processes, ask yourself, 'how does, or will, your business generate income?' It is the.

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There are two types of business processes, core and supporting. Core processes are those processes, which are part of the core business and deliver customer. Management processes govern the operation of a particular organization's system of operation. Operational processes constitute the core business. Supporting. What Are the Core Business Processes in Financial Services? · Financial service providers, also called financial advisors or financial planners, assist.