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Overview This article will show you how to use your WildCard SSL Certificate, on your Bluehost hosting account, using mod_rewrite. This is required due to a. A wildcard certificate is a digital certificate that is applied to a domain and all its subdomains. Wildcard notation consists of an asterisk and a period. A Wildcard SSL Certificate is a type of SSL that enables SSL encryption on your domain and multiple subdomains using a single certificate.

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Today, many website owners are willing to buy a Wildcard EV certificate which protects an unlimited number of subdomains with a green line in the browser. DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificate is most affordable,flexible SSL Certificate for subdomains. Buy DigiCert Wildcard SSL from The SSL Store™ at low cost. A Wildcard SSL Certificate saves you money and time by securing your domain and unlimited sub-domains.

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Encrypt your website and all its related subdomains for less. Use a cheap Wildcard SSL to protect your entire digital estate with a single certificate. You can get a DV Wildcard SSL cert in just 5 minutes by simply providing your domain name and a valid email address to the CA. DV Wildcard certificates are. As a domain validated (DV) certificate, a standard wildcard requires an automated online validation process (which only verifies domain control of the applicant).