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Pruning the young plum tree is easy. Wait until new growth is 3 inches long. Cut the main stem back until it is 2 feet tall, making the cut just above a bud. Prune them as close to the main branch / trunk as possible using a sharp pair of secateurs. If you keep on top of this task they will stop growing after a few. In most respects, fruit trees are pruned like other trees, for health and In addition to improving the tree's appearance, pruning a fruit tree increases.

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The French Prune Plum Tree is a mid season, self-fertile, mild flavored, deep reddish black plum. When looking for the optimal plum for canning or drying the. As well, your tree may be putting a lot of energy into making leaves, so remember to prune the tree once a year, in early spring or late winter, to remove. The optimum time of year to prune fruit trees is the dormant season, December, January (best) and until the middle of February, but note summer schedule for.

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Prune to create an open center on young plum trees. Once you have established the open center with no central leader, you can cut back on your pruning in later. Always prune back to buds aimed in the direction you want limbs to grow. Every branch has buds pointed in various directions. Since you want vigorous new growth. Growing Fruit Trees: Prunes/ Plums. Proper Care of Trees for Noxious Pest Avoidance. Before Planting your Tree. Prune/ plum trees can only produce healthy.