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mLogic LTO tape - mTape Thunderbolt revolutionizes LTO and offers a shelf-life of 30+ years and a reliability level that exceeds what is achievable w. Buy mLogic mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-6 with YoYotta LTFS for macOS inc Media online from Vocas Sales & Services. See our other mLogic products. Equipped with a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports, the mTape LTO-8 desktop drive can write up to 12 TB of data per tape cartridge, with a maximum data transfer rate.

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The mLogic mTape LTO-6 Thunderbolt 3 Drive archives data from Thunderbolt 3-equipped systems by featuring two Thunderbolt 3 ports and supporting LTO-6 tape. The Industry's First Thunderbolt™ LTO-6 Tape Drive. LTO made easy just connect mTape to any computer with a Thunderbolt™ port. mTape Highlights. mLogic mTape LTO-6 Thunderbolt 3 Archiving DriveUsed about 4 times for a project and no longer need. Amazing for any pro who needs archiving capabilities.

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mTape Thunderbolt Highlights · World's first LTO-6 tape drive with Thunderbolt connectivity · The ONLY LTO solution that is Thunderbolt certified by Apple & Intel. mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-6 Archiving Solution. • Desktop Thunderbolt LTO-6 tape drive certified by Apple & Intel. • TB native storage capacity per tape. The mlogic mTape is an external LTO tape drive providing connectivity to Mac and PC workstations via the latest Thunderbolt 3 interface (backwards compatible to.