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We work behind the scenes to provide comprehensive services to your customers, including onboarding, funding, support and branding. Our Payment facilitator. A Payment Facilitator, or PayFac, is a sub-merchant account used by merchant service providers to provide payment processing services to their own clients. The payment facilitator is the company that provides the infrastructure necessary for their submerchants to begin accepting credit card payments. They.

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An acquirer may only contract with a payment facilitator or marketplace it has screened for risk exposure. Acquirers must ensure the payment facilitators and. The acquirer remains responsible for the acts of both the payment facilitators and the sponsored merchants. In an acquiring context, a payment facilitator. currencies, and a customised approach to acquiring and processing solutions. In addition, our vast experience with payment facilitator models ensures that all.

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A Payment Facilitator is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that enables merchants, via a Payment Gateway, to accept card payments. Each Payment Facilitator is. is the premier media platform for the payment facilitator market - providing the most recent and relevant news and information. Payment facilitators perform a similar function for merchants as payment processors do, but how they do this differs greatly. With a payment processor.